Big Ticket sales vs. Little Ticket Autoship…is Network Marketing Dead? “I would rather earn 1% off a 100 people’s efforts than 100% of my own efforts.” John D. Rockerfeller It’s easy to criticize the normal 5% residual income most Network Marketer’s earn. It’s easy to say I can make $500, $1,000, $5,000 or even $10,000 […]

ARTICLE: “My Biggest Success Secret Is…”

I’m here today alive and well at age 51 making a Six-Figure Income in Network Marketing because of HARD WORK! There I said it…HARD WORK. A website didn’t do it. My secret traffic source didn’t do it. My big ticket items didn’t do it. My little ticket items didn’t do it. My company didn’t do […]

Complimentary Copy: “Sponsoring Made Simple”

Discover All My Sponsoring Secrets! Click Here to Download Your FREE Copy Now! Your Free Download Includes: – A Sample Letter To Mail  – A Sample Email  – A Sample Phone Script Samples included are both your warm market and your cold market contacts! I Used These Same Scripts To Earn $1,037,989.34 In Just One Year. So, I Know […]

ARTICLE: “Do You Have The HEART to be a Network Marketer?”

First of all let’s define something here. Network Marketing is different than: – A job – A traditional business – Affiliate marketing Network Marketing is about finding and developing leadership. Network Marketing is about being the messenger, not the message. And, in today’s so-called “evolution” of branding ones self and distrust of the 60+ year […]

ARTICLE: “Lucy is Everywhere!”

I grew up watching Peanuts. I always laughed as a child when Charlie Brown tried to kick the ball and even I knew that Lucy was going to pick the ball up when he tried to kick it. But, even as a child I secretly admired Charlie Brown for never quitting. For still believing in […]