Big Ticket sales vs. Little Ticket Autoship…is Network Marketing Dead? “I would rather earn 1% off a 100 people’s efforts than 100% of my own efforts.” John D. Rockerfeller It’s easy to criticize the normal 5% residual income most Network Marketer’s earn. It’s easy to say I can make $500, $1,000, $5,000 or even $10,000 […]

ARTICLE: “My Biggest Success Secret Is…”

I’m here today alive and well at age 51 making a Six-Figure Income in Network Marketing because of HARD WORK! There I said it…HARD WORK. A website didn’t do it. My secret traffic source didn’t do it. My big ticket items didn’t do it. My little ticket items didn’t do it. My company didn’t do […]

Complimentary Copy: “Sponsoring Made Simple”

Discover All My Sponsoring Secrets! Click Here to Download Your FREE Copy Now! Your Free Download Includes: - A Sample Letter To Mail  - A Sample Email  - A Sample Phone Script Samples included are both your warm market and your cold market contacts! I Used These Same Scripts To Earn $1,037,989.34 In Just One Year. So, I Know […]

ARTICLE: “Do You Have The HEART to be a Network Marketer?”

First of all let’s define something here. Network Marketing is different than: – A job – A traditional business – Affiliate marketing Network Marketing is about finding and developing leadership. Network Marketing is about being the messenger, not the message. And, in today’s so-called “evolution” of branding ones self and distrust of the 60+ year […]

ARTICLE: “Lucy is Everywhere!”

I grew up watching Peanuts. I always laughed as a child when Charlie Brown tried to kick the ball and even I knew that Lucy was going to pick the ball up when he tried to kick it. But, even as a child I secretly admired Charlie Brown for never quitting. For still believing in […]

ARTICLE: MLM Cry Babies?

I’ve been in MLM/Network Marketing for 33 years. I also have five children ranging from 2 to 18. So, I know a “CRY BABY” when I see one. And, I see alot of them online and offline these days. They don’t want to know the TRUTH about this business. It takes GUTS to make it. […]

ARTICLE: “Is BRANDING Killing Duplication?”

The quick answer is “YES”. And, before I get tons of emails on this, I know it is, because I’ve experienced this myself. This article is about what I’ve done wrong with my own branding and how it has made me lots of money, but how it’s killed duplication within my group(s). In Network Marketing […]